hi there i was wondering if i could use Zoe as a background image for my blog?

yeah no problem 



I was wondering if you could draw Zoe wearing Senketsu from the anime Kill La Kill. If you did that would be amazing! <3

myeah why not

comission for nhala
three weeks completed two weeks ago, pending publication by order of the Commissioner 

comission for nhala

three weeks completed two weeks ago, pending publication by order of the Commissioner 

Hello nnec its been a while since we've chat. My fault since I lost the password to my old skype and keep forgetting to add you on my new one

haha its okay 

I was wondering if you role played at all? I only roleplay on skype and I have quite a few character that you maybe might like and i was wondering if we could connect if you have time that is?

I do not do very often and I have very few characters but still if you are interested in adding me for, you can add me
Skype is nnecgrau@hotmail.com

Would zoe ever fiddle with a horse? :o (if so I got one, ehe)

no, never, but can to be the first time 

I too would love to see Zoe getting her asshole licked around, maybe with one of my characters?

myabe, ¿how is your char??

What are some of zoe's fetishes?

girls with cocks, big boys„ sex, tentacles, big balls. and i dunno XP

Hola! Oye me gustaria saber si la serpiente policia tiene nombre, y si vas a hacer mas arte de Ella?

no tiene y pues no se la verda, porque solo fue algo de la nada algo como para practicar y no lo tomo como un personaje para hacer mas arte de ella 

Why do I love everything you create... mostly zoe and naomi... but still... >w>

well because she’s are hot 

¿Te fue difícil aprender a dibujar?

no porque desde muy chico dibujaba muy bien a los personajes de la histora de mi pais, asi que agarrar un lapiz y una libreta no fue muy dificil para mi, solo era agregar un ocico a una personaje y garras =P

en que te inspiras para dibujar así de genial?

pues que me inspire mucho solo el anime de hay en fuera lo demas me viene como un flash a la cabeza, pues es practica diaria por decirlo asi hehe XP

Can u post a picture of just Zoe's tattoo

well now it’s not a tattoo, it’s a mark or fur„, hehe tatto it’s not a so good idea for a furry heheh XP

Do you have a fansite or live stream that we can speak to nnecgrau?

stream? well i has this: livestream.com/stuffnnec, and fansite, i i think no, im sorry, im all time online on my skype. is nnecgrau@hotmail.com