Hay I love your work! Do you think you can do a pic a zoe getting her asshole licked? I mean rimming is kinda my fetish and I would just die! And do you have Xbox live or kik?

Thank you Mmm, with who liked the asshole from zoe? and no, im sorry I do not have xbox live or kik XP 

im back agin 

im back agin 

whats niomeis full name??????

What?, you mena my neme?.. 

Good to see you back, Hombre! Another, better Zoe is on my list of things to draw!

Really!? is good to hear that, thanks!!! n.n

do you ever plan on updating the pixiv account you have or is that not actually you?

oh god!!, I completely forgot, thanks!, and I’ll update more often

what is the best way to get in contact with you?

skype and hotmail

I saw Zoe and Naomi on TV! it was on Jerry Springer... and they were fat girls...

XD yeah chubby version

Please we need more ZOE :<

yeah i know 

Nnec I was curious on if youd ever consider a gift art to someone for their birthday? No need to actually do one just having curiousitys out the window. Naomi is my favorite sona you draw and would be awesome to see her with my sona

now not, just my friends, but with some cash XP

what happened why arnt you posting?

nothing , im back n.n

Hey there! So, here's my deal; I'm attending college for a video game art program. Now, I'm good enough to have gotten into college, but want to get better, namely at character design. Can you give me any pointers on how to come up with and create good characters?

well just see referens and start with the face, and befroe with the body, you need improve the face, the facial expressions, and once perfected, you can make the other point is the design of the body, the anatomy, that’s my point of view,

hi!! algun dia veremos a la sexy madre de Zoe y Naomi?

Mmm! probablemente, es que hay que pensar muy bien como hacer a la mama de ellas pues ellas son de diferentes colores y ahora con diferentes rasgos asi que tengo trabajo que hacer para hacerla sexy awesome y algo joven, tu entiendes n.n heheh XP

What is Zoe's last name

is Ashley Zoe McCartney

i miss watching your art live stream!

:O im sorry XP soon i can start one